Applied Research and Biotechnology

How can we learn from cellular machines and utilize them to innovate and improve medical and agriculture technologies? How can we direct molecular mechanisms such as the ubiquitin-system to fight human diseases (including cancer, neurodegenerative disorders and viruses) and plant diseases (pathogens, bacteria and fungi)?  In this line of research, we aim to design and develop tools to address imperative challenges in the fields of human health, agriculture and environment.   To that end, we are focusing on (i) developing a cost-effective technology to accelerate large-scale production of functional proteins from various biological expression systems,  (ii) bioengineering dedicated molecular machines based on structural analyses and accelerated evolution approaches, (iii) screening and designing small-molecules (agonists or antagonists) targeting protein-protein interactions for therapeutic interventions, and (iv) Designing structural and synthetic biology tools to study plant signaling pathways (including hormones perceptions and light signaling).